Buffer Idler

The buffer idler is used in the receiving part of the belt conveyor to reduce the impact of dropping materials on the belt. The buffer idler is mainly developed for the corrosive environment such as coal washing plant, coking plant, chemical plant, etc., the buffer idler has more than 10 times the toughness of ordinary metal, five times the life of traditional Idler, anti-corrosion and flame-retardant, anti-static, lightweight and other characteristics, widely used in mining.

Buffer Roller Body Special Polymer materials, its mechanical properties similar to bronze, with good wear resistance, and has a good self-lubricating performance, do not hurt the belt. Excellent anti-corrosion performance of buffer idler. Roll Body and seal are made of high polymer material, corrosion-resistant. In corrosive use, the service life of the ordinary idler can reach more than 5 times.

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The types of buffer idlers are 108 * 525.
The buffer roller produced by the company is exported to domestic and foreign, by the unanimous praise of customers, as many units of designated products, product after-sales service is guaranteed, quality assurance for 2 years, the company’s roller variety, July Dezheng Conveyor Machinery Co., Ltd. with high-quality products for your service, with sincere friends all over the world.

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