Ceramic Idler

The ceramic idler is composed of a ceramic body, bearing, shaft and Plastic Labyrinth Seal Ring. It is a new breakthrough in the application of ceramic instead of steel and a new product of idler.

Ceramic Roller Advantage

1.corrosion resistance: ACID, Alkali and salt of its corrosion.

2.hardness: Wear Resistance.

3.full seal: both ends are equipped with plastic labyrinth seals, oil and grease will not leak, can make the rolling shaft in a long-term full seal state operation.

ceramic idler 4

4.ceramic surface, the formation of oxide film, it does not touch any material, any material does not react. Ceramic idler to remove the sticky material from the belt. On the Slope Belt, the force is big, the resistance is small, the effect is best. A double Section idler can reduce the heavy pressure point of the belt on the idler. The idler hollow device can make the belt stick to fall off by itself. The idler can not stick to the idler and can extend the idler service life.

5.ceramic roller service life is long, longer than steel roller service time 2-3 times, and can reduce belt wear, belt does not run side to extend the belt service life.

ceramic idler 5

6. ceramic idler high economic efficiency, can reduce the ov erall cost of belt conveyor, reduce maintenance man-hours. Ceramic idler accessories have good structure characteristics and performance, play a good transport role in a certain range of use, produce good use value and contribution.

Ceramic idler application fields such as mines, wharves, ceramic idler models have 89 * 375, the company idler models complete, idler sold overseas, perfect after-sales system, welcome to buy.

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