Conveyor Belt

Conveyor belt is used in the belt conveyor to load and transport material role of rubber and fiber, metal composite products, or plastic and fabric composite products. Conveyor belts are widely used in agriculture, industrial and mining enterprises and transportation industries to transport all kinds of solid bulk and powder materials or finished goods. Conveyor belts can be continuous, high-efficiency, high-angle transportation, safe operation of conveyor belts, the utility model has the advantages of simple use, easy maintenance, low transportation cost, short transportation distance, low project cost and labor and material saving.

Type of conveyor belt:

Ordinary cotton canvas conveyor belt, nylon conveyor belt, polyester belt, circular conveyor belt, heat-resistant conveyor belt, flame-retardant conveyor belt, acid-resistant conveyor belt, alkali-resistant conveyor belt, cold-resistant conveyor belt and other belt series.

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Features of conveyor belt:

1. the ordinary conveyor belt is made of cotton canvas (CC) or dimensional cotton interwoven dip canvas (VC) by calendering, molding, vulcanization and other processes.

2. General conveyor belt products are suitable for conveying non-corrosive non-sharp bulk, granular, powder materials, such as coal, coke, sand, cement and other loose materials (materials) or finished products at room temperature.

3. ordinary conveyor belt products to adapt to different conditions of use requirements, can be made of the edge-wrapped Conveyor Belt, open-edge contraction of the belt, medium ladder-type conveyor belt, side ladder-type conveyor belt and other different structures.

4. the flame-retardant Conveyor Belt Body does not delaminate, small elongation, impact resistance, tear resistance.

5. The circular conveyor belt is a circular conveyor belt that has been made without joints in the production process. The strength of the joints at the core of the belt can reach 90% of the strength of the belt body, thus solving the problem of no obvious joint defects on the surface of the belt, the circular conveyor belt has the belt transportation balance, uses the elongation small characteristic

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Conveyor belt product parameters:

1400 * 5.0 * 4130,1200 * 4.0 * 2377 conveyor belt of various specifications, can be customized according to their own circumstances.

Conveyor belt applications and the adjuster:

Conveyor belt is widely used in cement, coking, metallurgy, chemical industry, steel and other industries in the transport of short distance, transport volume smaller occasions. Quality Assurance for 2 years, reliable service, rest assured that purchase.

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