Idler Stand

The high-quality idler support device is convenient to replace the idler’s idler pin shaft, body, Idler, limit block and fastener.

The lower end of the support is connected with the upper end of the machine body by fastening pieces, and the support is connected with the deflection idler bracket by a pin shaft, and the deflection idler bracket is provided with a supporting roller. A clamping groove for rotating around the pin axis is arranged on the deflectable idler bracket, and the supporting roller is arranged in the clamping groove of the deflectable idler bracket, and a limiting block for controlling the deflection angle is arranged on the deflectable idler bracket. A pin shaft is arranged on the support seat or the machine body for deflecting the support roller support roller bracket to rotate around the support, the deflectable idler support can be rotated at a certain angle around the horizontally fixed pin shaft under the control of the limit block when the fastener is removed.

idler stand 4

The supporting roller support is composed of the supporting roller support and the support, which is easy to replace.

Supporting Roller Support Strength, high flexibility, small friction, long life.

Supporting Roller Support Dustproof, waterproof, axial load, impact resistance, service life five key points.

The utility model is arranged on both sides of the conveying belt to prevent the conveying belt from running off. The utility model effectively makes the operation of the adhesive tape stable and reliable.

idler stand 5

The idler support has simple structure and can completely meet the needs of the development of modern operations.

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