Light-Duty Rib Roller

The concept of the lightweight flanging drum:
The power roller is the main part of conveying machinery to transfer power. The power roller is welded by a steel plate or cast by steel. There are smooth surfaces, plastic and casting, such as three. In the power is not big, the environment temperature is dry, the use of a smooth roller, in the power, is big, the environment is wet, the use of rubber roller, to prevent skidding.

Features of light duty flanging drum:

1. the surface material of the light-duty flanging drum is fully covered, the metal bearing is adopted, the concentricity is high, the rotation is flexible, and the clamping position is not blocked, and the working efficiency is improved.
2. the light-duty flanging drum has the advantages of high stability, wear-resistant pipe surface, difficult fracture and deformation during use, exquisite appearance and reliable quality.
3. the light-duty flanging drum product life is long, the transmission efficiency is high, the transmission is stable, the noise is small, the operation service life is high, not easy to wear.

light duty rib roller 2
4. the two sides of the light-duty flanging drum with flanging can effectively prevent the belt from running out of alignment.
5. the main role of the head to roll off the keyway is to jam the dead gear so that the drum and gear into one operation more smoothly.
Product parameters of light-duty Rib Roller: The light-duty flanging drum model has 219 * 750, the model is numerous, many kinds of models, many kinds of specifications, customizes according to demand.

light duty rib roller 3

Application range and the adjuster of light duty flanging drum:

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