Nylon Roller

Nylon High Polymer Roller System uses new nylon raw materials, improved process formula, better comprehensive performance.

Nylon high polymer roller has the characteristics of novel structure, reliable sealing, advanced material selection, etc. . Nylon high polymer roller is wear-resistant, light weight, non-stick material, no damage belt, anti-vibration absorption impact energy, anti-corrosion, dust, quiet, flexible rotation, maintenance-free, long life and other excellent performance.

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Nylon High Polymer Roller System uses new nylon raw materials, retain all the excellent properties of Nylon, with anti-friction self-lubrication, impact, noise and vibration, anti-bonding, anti-corrosion, anti-aging and so on. Nylon Roller has withstood the test of long-term use and is praised by customers. It is widely used in metallurgical mines, coal mines, chemical industry, grain storage, building materials, ports, saltworks and electric power industries, in improving transport capacity, belt protection, reduce maintenance, energy-saving and consumption reduction.

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Nylon High Polymer Roller: Low Friction Coefficient, wear-resistant, not easy to damage the belt. Excellent self-lubrication, in the use of the process, without oil and can operate in poor environmental conditions, not easy to jam, has a better anti-magnetic characteristics.

Anti-corrosion, anti-aging strong, weak acid, weak base and organic solvent corrosion, non-toxic non-pollution can withstand repeated impact and vibration. Nylon Roller itself light weight, easy installation, low maintenance, low noise, smooth operation, energy saving, can improve the service cycle, Nylon Roller dust-proof, waterproof performance is good, in the multi-yang ash environment, not easy to use water.

The Nylon High Polymer rollers produced by the company are strictly produced through a process, quality assurance, good after-sales service attitude, suitable for your purchase.

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