Self-aligning Friction Roller

Principle of self-aligning friction roller:
Belt Conveyor is an important conveying equipment, because of manufacturing, installation and the influence of improper joints, the problem of belt deviation is inevitable. At present, there are many ways to rectify the deviation of the belt conveyor, the most common and effective way is to use the self-aligning friction roller.

Characteristics of self-aligning friction roller:

The structure of the self-aligning friction roller is various, and the ways of adjusting deviation are different, but the working principle is basically the same. The self-aligning friction roller has strong ability to prevent the damage and deviation of the conveyor belt, the deviation mechanism of friction resistance and arc of friction wheel is used to prevent and correct the deviation of conveyor belt, to adjust center and to ensure the normal work of conveyor.

self aligning friction roller 4

Parameters of self-aligning friction roller:

There are many types of self-aligning friction roller including 108 * 455.

APPLICATION SCOPE OF SELF-ALIGNING FRICTION ROLLER: Self-aligning friction roller is suitable for mining, stone material factory, metallurgy, petroleum, port and other industries.

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