Speed Reducer

Type of reducer:
There are gear reducer, planetary reducer, DC reducer, brush DC reducer, brushless DC reducer, Hollow Cup reducer, step reducer, Servo reducer, RV reducer, harmonic reducer, AC reducer, cylinder reducer, etc. It is divided into the single- stage reducer, multi-stage reducer, plastic reducer and planetary reducer according to the type of gear material. Different reducer product types, performance characteristics, technical parameters are not the same.

Features of the reducer:

1. The main characteristic of the worm gear reducer is that it has the function of reverse self-locking, and it can have a larger reduction ratio. The input shaft and the output shaft are not on the same axis and plane, but the general volume is larger and the driving efficiency is not high in poor accuracy.
2. The harmonic drive of the harmonic reducer uses the controllable elastic deformation of the flexible element to transfer the motion and power, which is small in volume and high in precision, but has the disadvantages of limited service life of the flexible wheel, poor impact resistance, and poor rigidity compared with the metal parts, the input speed must not be too high.
3. The planetary reducer is characterized by compact structure, small return clearance, high precision, high driving efficiency, low energy consumption, wide deceleration range, large output torque, long service life, rated output Torque can be done very large.

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4. the gear reducer has a small volume, transmission torque, high efficiency, low energy consumption, superior performance, gear reducer in the modular combination system based on design and manufacture, there are a lot of motor combination, installation forms and structural programs, the driver is more precise than the classification, to meet the different operating conditions, the realization of mechatronics engineering and other characteristics.
5. DC reducer features small oscillation, low noise, high energy-saving, using a new sealing device, good protection performance, strong adaptability to the environment, can be in corrosion, moisture and another harsh environment to work continuously.
6. step reducer features high-precision open-loop positioning function, static locking function, simple control, long life, high reliability and so on.
7. Hollow Cup reducer features energy-saving features: Large Energy efficiency, quick start, braking, quick response; in the recommended operating area of ​​the state of rapid operation, it is convenient to adjust the speed-sensitive, dRAG CHARACTERISTICS: Reliable Operation Stability, speed fluctuation is small.

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Speed reducer parameters:

Model No. : NMRV30-150, input speed: 300-2800(RPM) , rated power: 0.06 ~ 15(kw) , output speed range: 16-240(RPM) , the company’s speed reducer many models, choose different types of reducer according to the actual application requirements, technical parameters, product characteristics, selection.

Range and the adjuster of speed reducers:

Speed reducer is a kind of widely used speed reducer driving equipment, widely used in automobile, ship, aerospace, robot, smart home, communication equipment, medical equipment and other fields. The company’s Deceleration Machine Warranty for 2 years, pre-sale, sale , after-sales are the one-to-one explanations for you, rest assured to buy.

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