Triplex Idler

The three-series idler has good self-balance, which can prevent the belt from running off-side. If the belt runs off-side after the hanging idler is used, the material redistribution will cause the plane deformation of the idler group and the load asymmetry of the side idler.

The three series idlers are formed by the structure of three idlers, that is, the three idlers are connected together by connecting plates, and the idlers are hung on the longitudinal beam of the belt conveyor by hooks.

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triplex idler 5

The inclination angle of the reverse idler on one side of the belt deviation is larger than that on the other side, which causes the Middle Idler deflection to produce self-aligning force. The self-aligning force will have the opposite thrust to the direction of the belt deviation, so that the belt deviation correction, three-series roller this feature to ensure that the belt conveyor in feeding error, temperature, wind changes, and other conditions, the normal operation.

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Model No. 89 * 315, triple series idler.

Three series idlers are widely used in mines, wharves, stone factories and other applications.
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