Water-proof Dust-proof Idler

Water-proof and dust-proof idler seal performance is good, the new idler adopts multi-lip seal because it is contact type, the inner and outer path of the idler is cut off safely by the lip of the sealing ring, the breathing problem of the idler is solved fundamentally. The key of this structure design is to solve the problems of geometric dimension accuracy, wear resistance and stability of material of lip seal ring.

Water-proof and dust-proof idler structure is reasonable, bearing capacity is high, the bearing block, bearing, seal ring and baffle plate are riveted into a whole part to minimize the idler shaft radial load arm length, to reduce the deformation of the roller shaft due to force, to ensure the coaxiality of the bearing at both ends, to further enhance the strength and rigidity of the bearing housing, and to improve the carrying capacity of the roller.

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WATER-PROOF DUST-PROOF IDLER production technology advanced, reliable quality, through the use of special equipment, reduce the number of parts and with the best assembly process, in the idler shaft, bearing seat, on the basis of dimension tolerance of seal ring , cylinder and other parts accord with the standard, the assembly precision of idler is ensured, and the product quality is improved.

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Water-proof dust roller models have, 89 * 305. WATER-PROOF DUST-PROOF IDLER is widely used in metallurgy, electric power, coal, oil and other industries.

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