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Julu County Dezheng Conveyor Machinery Co. , Ltd. Main: Roller, roller, conveyor belt, reducer, roller support and other products.

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Supporting Roller is divided into: take-in Tube, three series supporting roller, nylon polymer supporting roller, ceramic supporting roller, waterproof dustproof supporting roller, self-aligning friction supporting roller, buffer supporting roller. Roller is divided into: Electric Roller, light-duty edge roller, surface roller, cast rubber roller. There are conveyor belt, reducer, roller support products. Roller series of these roller their characteristics and appearance performance are different, are uniform their own advantages in the industrial field plays a vital role. Drum series of these types of drum are also uniform performance and characteristics of their own, in the industrial field is also widely used. Our products are widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, electric power, coal, port, mine, petroleum and other industries. The company’s main products, adequate supply, many models, support customization, is your appropriate choice, rest assured to buy.